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My son was diagnosed at 22 months, nonverbal, disconnected, and didn’t understand anything we said. I was terrified for him and his future. 5 months later and his progress amazes me. Isabelle McNab, president of the Saskatchewan Indian Women’s Association (SIWA) in the 1970s and Sadie Cote, president of SIWA from 1979, are two such women (Irene Tootoosis of Cutknife was the first president in 1971). McNab was instrumental in the formation and expansion of SIWA, an organization of treaty Indian women who lived on reserves in Saskatchewan.The sexist Indian Act had prevented women from either voting in band elections or holding office from 1876 until 1951. A revised Act enabled Indigenous women to participate politically, and take their rightful roles to ensure the health and well being of their communities, especially the elders and children.Leaders of the Saskatchewan Women’s Association circa 1971/72.Saskatchewan NewsMcNab’s journey from the personal to the political in the 1960s was one many women embarked upon during the second wave of feminism.

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Create positive change inside out. Don’t let your circumstances and outside events define you. celine replica luggage tote You define your circumstances with your vision, beliefs, and action. For me, it was hurt that fueled my need to change, not only by ending my marriage but by changing some things about myself as well. While my ex husband’s abusive behavior contributed to the demise of our marriage, I realized my own behaviors were allowing this abuse to continue and probably attracted it in the first place. These behaviors were clear indications that I lacked any boundaries and so, with help, I finally began to establish them.

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